Regional Global & League Tables

by worriedteacher

Why Higher Education Rankings are bad for your educational health

ag foghlaim


So this week we had a ‘Global Irish Regional Forum” – whatever that is meant to mean. Attached to the national event in Dublin, this regional session gave an opportunity for the business sector to berate the public sector and in some cases to argue that we suffered here from not having a university in the top 100 in the World. More of the chatter about ‘underperforming’ and league tables continue in corners of the press. Of course, the fact that we are in fact one of the cheapest/efficient/underfunded (delete according to ideology) education sectors in the developed world and that despite financial cutbacks and significant reductions in staff, five of our seven universities remain in the Times Higher rankings and indeed most of them climbed upwards, seems only like excuses to the macho barons of business and those bitter commentators (that clearly had a bad time when…

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