blogging – don’t lose control of your content

by worriedteacher


In the last couple of weeks I’ve had cause to think about blogging – again.

The paper that Inger Mewburn and I have recently published on ‘Why academics blog’ hasn’t quite gone viral, but it has generated a lot more interest and coverage than I think either of us imagined it would. I’d say more about that, but we’re writing a post about it for someone else – and that says it all really!

I’ve also recently given two talks about using social media for research and listened to a presentation from someone else on the same topic, and each time there’s been a question by a doctoral researcher about the risks of putting your stuff out there. Those asking the questions were worried about going public with something that might get them in trouble, or that might be used wrongly, or that might be stolen.

And just this week…

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