exposing the academic?

by worriedteacher


This is a space for me to share my thoughts and work in progress as I explore the phenomenology of academic life, of my academic life.

Initially I want to share the development of a journal article.  This article will be an autoethnography of my decline into what Barbara Jago has called ‘institutional depression’, of the intertwining of a personal crisis with the intensification of academic labour, and the corporatisation of academic life.

I am aware of the many dangers inherent in such a project.  The danger of exposing myself in such a fashion breaches the assumed code that as academics we should maintain a clear distinction between our personal and academic selves.  I am aware of the danger of revealing my unheroic struggle with depression and how this could impact me professionally.  I am aware also of the danger that my labour could be expropriated by those wishing to use my words (which are the public expression of my heartfelt endeavours – never ‘just’ words).

The sharing will be in different forms – full draft text that is developed for publication, journeys through relevant literatures, reflections on the process of writing.

My hope is that this will be a better format for sharing my academic work than the closed world of academic publishing.  It is a form of continuous publishing.  So, I welcome your observations, suggestions, help, humour and experiences.

I also hope to use this space to develop and then conduct research on mental health and academic life.