Shh! Thinking

by worriedteacher

I really liked this. We sometimes confuse the ‘massification’ of HE with the democratisation of learning. Some of the questions here suggest something else.

ag foghlaim

In the world of twitter, snapchat and even blogs, long-form journalism struggles to maintain its role in the exchange of ideas. As for traditional forms of academic discourse, even there we’re being persuaded to seek out the sound-bite, the idea in ‘a nutshell’ and told increasingly that our expectations of students to write academic essays and dissertations are ‘irrelevant’ for their futures, a future of work, that is.  Time is short, the competition for attention is fierce and contemplation is ‘idle’.

Just as modern medicine (or in truth, modern work expectations) has abolished recuperation (symptoms blocked? good, then back to work), all is a rush, time is short, there’s more to do. More incessant chatter in which to engage; always on lest we suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).

And in learning too, the pace, deadlines ,rushing from lecture to lecture, taking test after test and no time to…

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