Dude, Where’s The Race in Your Class Analysis of HigherEd?

by worriedteacher

This is an excellent post on the absent presence of race in discussion son the contemporary political economy of higher education.


A key status marker of any profession is engagement in fights about the state of said profession. For the past few weeks a particularly public fight about adjuncts and academia has been waged across blogs, online media and social media. I do not want to jump into that debate. I do not have a dog in the fight, really. It could be fairly argued that I am not even really in the profession. My membership is more contingent than contingent labor, in many ways. And I do not have much to add to these debates so I have largely shut up.

I wanted to shut up this morning when a post from a well-known academic consultant went live. The post is titled, “How the Tenured are to the Job Market as White People are to Racism.” I know a bit about racism and a little about the structure of higher…

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